Frequently Asked

How many members are in the band?

Two, never more, never less.

How long will the band play for?

We will generally arrive one hour before the evening kicks off. This gives us enough time to set up our equipment and we will usually play until midnight with a thirty minute break to allow for evening buffet.

What type of music will you play?

With over 300 songs in our repertoire there are very few styles of music that we will not cover. There is a comprehensive set list on the hear us now page.

Do the band have public liability insurance?

Yes. We have full public liability insurance and all our equipment is fully P.A.T tested. Some venues will not let a band perform unless the band have these in place.

Do you play ceilidh music?

Yes, we play a selection of the most popular dances.

How loud are the band

As loud or as quiet as you would like us to be. With a state of the art sound system we can accommodate any size of venue from the smallest public hall to the largest function suite in large hotels. With no acoustic drums to compete with you are guaranteed CD sound quality at whatever volume required.

What do the band wear?

We always wear suits with dress shirts during out performance unless asked for a formal dress code, but generally we will arrive in band t-shirts for easy identification.

Will the band eat the entire buffet?

Absolutely. It is advisable that as many guests as possible get in the queue before the band, in order that there is an equal distribution of your buffet. But seriously, we will only partake if invited.